The Lowdown

How does it work?
You, the cartoonist, sends in 5 – 10 copies of your mini comic. When your comics are received, a package is mailed back to you containing a copy of every other mini comic in stock. The different kinds of comix will change as we go, older comix will go and newer comix will come in. I’m going to try and keep a list of comix and contributors.

Why 5 – 10?
It was originally set to 10 trades. 10 is still the preferred number we’d like each person to contribute, but I know that the books are expensive to make and if you’re trying to sell them that’s a significant part of your inventory being traded off. 5 is the minimum number of comix we’ll take, that way there is enough mini comix for a fair number of contributors to get their hands on.

Does it cost anything?
No cost except for the postage to send your comix.

Are there any rules or guidelines?
The comics must be your own work (or partially yours). There are no size or page retrictions.


5 responses to “The Lowdown

  1. Noah Man the Dude

    Is this still a thing that people do? If so I am very interested as I’m working on my first minicomic right now. I promise it won’t suck 🙂 but yeah get back to me, thanks.

    • Yes the co-op is still in operation! You can also find us on facebook.

      • Noah the Dude

        I don’t have any social media…would there be any way where I could just mail you copies 10 of my mini comic and eventually (whenever) you can mail me the comics that other people have made?

      • That’s exactly how it works! No social media required. You mail your books in and get just as many back in return.

  2. Noah Man the Dude

    Wow what a sweet deal! I’ll send mine in as soon as I can! Thanks!

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