Interview with Brian Leonard

Messed Up Martian - Brian Leonard

Messed Up Martian – Brian Leonard

Thanks for doing the interview Brian. I think I first saw your stuff through my contribution through the Co-Op. I remember that I really enjoyed your stuff. It reminds me of 1950’s monster movies. What started your interest in comics?

 I’ve always liked the combo of words and pictures to tell a story.

How long have you been self publishing?

 Since I was in the 6th grade! I used to draw my own comics on typing paper and staple the pages with a staple in the upper left hand corner.

What made you decide to start self publishing yourself?

I enjoy telling these odd kind of stories and self publishing seemed the only way to get my stories out to other people so they could read if they chose to.

Who has influenced your style?

 I used to read these giant monster comics drawn by Jack Kirby which came from Marvel Comics. That had a great impact on my style! And another influence would have to be Chuck Jones’s Marvin the Martian which is my favorite cartoon character.

CAM00375What tools do you use to make your comics?

I’m pretty much ‘old school’ when it comes to ‘tools of the trade’. Pencil, markers and ink pens, color pencils and color markers. All placed on basic card stock! I wouldn’t mind learning to color digitally if I had the means to learn it.

What are your favorite monster movies?

As you stated in your introduction…I do appreciate the 50’s b grade monster movies…mainly the ones which concern themselves with giant monsters! And of course, the original 1933 King Kong will always stand out as one of my favorites!

What do you get out of making comics?

 I can tell my stories the way I would like to tell them. To me creating my own comics is a great creative outlet for me!

CAM00478Brian Leonard has a new comix that you can purchase today through the Mini Comix Co-Op store.

New Books by Brian Leonard

The Mini Comix Co-Op has two new books in it’s store! They’re both by contributor Brian Leonard. The first one is called Doggy Style and it’s a mini comix that looks inside the mind of man’s best friend. The second one is Martians with Ray Guns, a mini comix showing, as the title suggests, Martian shooting Ray Guns! You can own them for $1 + $1 for shipping in the Mini Comix Co-Op’s store!


New Shop

We have now opened up a new shop for the Co-Op that will have books from artists that have contributed to the Co-Op that wants to be distributed by the Co-Op. There are currently some books available in the shop & more to come.

2 August Shows

posterThe Mini Comix Co-Op will be at two shows this coming August. The first We went to last year, Zine Nite in Little Rock, AR. I did the poster for the show this year and will have some great screen prints from the show!

I will also be attending KC Zine Con which will be on it’s first year! This show is in Kansas City, MO and is going to have tons of Midwest zines tabling.

We will also be selling books from other artists through our new distribution service at both shows. I will update you all with lots of pictures after the shows.

We now Distribute!

I’m excited to announce a new feature to the co-op! We will now be offering a distribution service! Now you can work with other creators to expand your audience! There is a whole new section devoted to how it works, and you will also be getting paid when comic book stores order your book!

If you are interested please e-mail me at!

This just in!

We have new books. The first three issues of Scrambled Circuits from my pal Cameron Callahan. Scrambled Circuits are autobio with his characters drawn as monsters and robots and plants. It’s like American Splendor drawn by a DND player.


Then I also got 10 issues of my LCS owner’s book that he made a while back. He’s a collector of small press books himself so he loved the idea of trading some of his old comix he made for some new ones to add to his collection.

His book is called Honest Abe and G-Dub. It’s a humorist book about George Washington and Abe Lincoln.

After Little Rock Zine Nite

Little Rock Zine Nite

Little Rock Zine Nite

I had a great time at the Little Rock Zine Nite. Met some great creators and had some interest drawn towards the Co-Op. Sold out of my own books and sold some of these monster boxes I made for the show. The creators I met seemed interested in the Co-op but there were selling their books that night and told me they’d reach out to me when they had more copies of their books printed. There weren’t a lot of comix there, but there were enough to make it noticeable.

DKD #7 - Dan Huff

DKD #7 – Dan Huff

We did get a contribution by Dan Huff. His book DKD #7 is a book full of his illustrations. It’s huge and compact, he put a lot of pages in this book and he gave us 10 copies of it! It’s definitely going to be one of the books I give out frequently to contributors as long as I have them.

The Nite over all was a great success I think and I met a community of zinesters that I wish I could spend more time with. I recommend attending next year, it sounds like the show will be around for a while.

I also this week received 5 copies of a book I drew a story in about 3 years ago by my buddy Cameron Callahan. The book is called Scrambled Circuits #4, the latest in issue to come out in the anthology of stories Cameron collects known as Scrambled Circuits he publishes through his imprint Animal Crackers Death Parade. This issue has several different artists, some I know from my Whitechapel days and who’s art I respect a lot. If you want to read a book that embodies Harvey Pekar in the body of a robot drawn by a bunch of great artists, then Scrambled Circuits is good for that. Here is a glimpse at what is coming Cameron’s way.

Scrambled Circuits #4 - Cameron Callahan