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Interview with Brian Leonard

Messed Up Martian - Brian Leonard

Messed Up Martian – Brian Leonard

Thanks for doing the interview Brian. I think I first saw your stuff through my contribution through the Co-Op. I remember that I really enjoyed your stuff. It reminds me of 1950’s monster movies. What started your interest in comics?

 I’ve always liked the combo of words and pictures to tell a story.

How long have you been self publishing?

 Since I was in the 6th grade! I used to draw my own comics on typing paper and staple the pages with a staple in the upper left hand corner.

What made you decide to start self publishing yourself?

I enjoy telling these odd kind of stories and self publishing seemed the only way to get my stories out to other people so they could read if they chose to.

Who has influenced your style?

 I used to read these giant monster comics drawn by Jack Kirby which came from Marvel Comics. That had a great impact on my style! And another influence would have to be Chuck Jones’s Marvin the Martian which is my favorite cartoon character.

CAM00375What tools do you use to make your comics?

I’m pretty much ‘old school’ when it comes to ‘tools of the trade’. Pencil, markers and ink pens, color pencils and color markers. All placed on basic card stock! I wouldn’t mind learning to color digitally if I had the means to learn it.

What are your favorite monster movies?

As you stated in your introduction…I do appreciate the 50’s b grade monster movies…mainly the ones which concern themselves with giant monsters! And of course, the original 1933 King Kong will always stand out as one of my favorites!

What do you get out of making comics?

 I can tell my stories the way I would like to tell them. To me creating my own comics is a great creative outlet for me!

CAM00478Brian Leonard has a new comix that you can purchase today through the Mini Comix Co-Op store.