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After Little Rock Zine Nite

Little Rock Zine Nite

Little Rock Zine Nite

I had a great time at the Little Rock Zine Nite. Met some great creators and had some interest drawn towards the Co-Op.¬†Sold out of my own books and sold some of these monster boxes I made for the show. The creators I met seemed interested in the Co-op but there were selling their books that night and told me they’d reach out to me when they had more copies of their books printed. There weren’t a lot of comix there, but there were enough to make it noticeable.

DKD #7 - Dan Huff

DKD #7 – Dan Huff

We did get a contribution by Dan Huff. His book DKD #7 is a book full of his illustrations. It’s huge and compact, he put a lot of pages in this book and he gave us 10 copies of it! It’s definitely going to be one of the books I give out frequently to contributors as long as I have them.

The Nite over all was a great success I think and I met a community of zinesters that I wish I could spend more time with. I recommend attending next year, it sounds like the show will be around for a while.

I also this week received 5 copies of a book I drew a story in about 3 years ago by my buddy Cameron Callahan. The book is called Scrambled Circuits #4, the latest in issue to come out in the anthology of stories Cameron collects known as Scrambled Circuits he publishes through his imprint Animal Crackers Death Parade. This issue has several different artists, some I know from my Whitechapel days and who’s art I respect a lot. If you want to read a book that embodies Harvey Pekar in the body of a robot drawn by a bunch of great artists, then Scrambled Circuits is good for that. Here is a glimpse at what is coming Cameron’s way.

Scrambled Circuits #4 - Cameron Callahan